Zambia used car Import company. We are specialized in Import of used commercial trucks, pickup Toyota REVO (Toyota hilux), vans and minibus from Thailand We one of the fastest growing independent car sales businesses in the county.

Largest stock of Used Toyota hilux vigo double cab, Hilux Single cab, Extra cab, Smart cab 4wd, Toyota Revo, Toyota hilux revo. Fully loaded hilux only in, One stop service. Toyota hilux vigo Importer.

Used Hilux Top Dealer in Zambia

We always offer variety of quality used cars of famous maker and model to import from Japan & Thailand. For any destination around the world, all vehicles are available for immediate import and delivery.

BFAS FLEET -VIGO HILUX, is highly capable to offer our client the fastest ever access to do business or buying required vehicle through the internet. Our Experienced business staff is always ready for immediate response and fulfills your trading demands. Over the internet you can see the complete details and condition of our huge stocks and selling capacity, we are able to offer lowest pricing, fixed commissions for each unit and discount to wholesale clients. Our company’s annual turnover is playing a vital role for the development of society as we are providing revenues to the government of japan & Thailand. Come with us to lead the world of Automobile.

Not only check from the internet, you can also come our store to check the vehicle anytime while we open.